Covid-19 and Flu Vaccines ***UPDATE 17th April***

***UPDATE,  FLU VACCINES *17/04/2020***

We are currently vaccinating all our Chronic conditions and over 65+ patients, most of you should have received a text message about booking an appointment to receive your funded vaccine. If you are unsure if you can receive a funded vaccine please contact our nurse, who can advise you and book you in. We have been asked by the Ministry of Health to prioritize who is vaccinated first by those who are at HIGH RISK . From the 27th of April all those not considered high risk will then be invited to receive the vaccine.

The cost of the flu vaccine for patients that don’t meet the funded criteria this year is $28.00

We are holding flu clinics in our car park which is working well. You arrive and park with your support person in the car with you in our car park, our staff will approach you and have a conversation with you at a safe distance before approaching your car to vaccinate you. You are expected to wait in your car with your support person for 10 mins before safely driving home.


***UPDATE, COVID19 17/04/2020***

YES, WE ARE OPEN, our hours are 9am-5pm MON-FRI

Our staff has split into two separate teams, changing shifts at mid day to ensure we can safely stay open and offer the best possible service for all our patients.

Anyone of patients who have appointment booked with the GP please note this will NOW be a phone consultation.

There is no need to call at the time of your appointment. We will call you, if you would like us to call a number not on our files please call ahead and let us know. We have been doing this since Monday and it is working well. If the doctor feels you need to be seen and you have been screened we will book you in the afternoon after your phone consult. We ask anyone that does need to come into the practice to PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR CAR, we will come out to you. This is to keep our waiting rooms safe to both staff and patients. If you need a prescription as a result of your appointment we will fax it to your chosen pharmacy and if you need a form or medical certificate we can email this to you during this period.

-Payment after your consult or repeat scripts, the reception staff will text you through our bank account details and the amount you owe. If you do not have a cell phone we will put your invoice in the mail. We kindly ask ALL our patients NOT to pay by Cash or cheque.

Immunisations- we are still proceeding with these as we have been advised to, however if you or you child shows any flu like symptoms please call ahead of your appointment.

Repeat Prescriptions- For anyone phoning, requesting via the portal we do ask that you please advise which pharmacy you would like this sent to. During this period we ask that ALL prescriptions are faxed rather than picked up. Anyone that has already ordered a script but not asked for it to be faxed, please call our friendly reception staff and advise them which pharmacy you would like them to fax it to.


We understand its a stressful time and we are here for you at the other end of the phone 🙂



We are still receiving increasing numbers of enquires for when the Flu vaccine is available. We are currently waiting on our stock to arrive and we will let all our Chronic condition and over 65+ patients know as soon as they arrive. This will be via text message or a phone call as well as our Facebook page will be updated. Please note these will be done in your car during our flu clinics on designated days.

We have been asked by the Ministry of Health to prioritize who is vaccinated first by those who are at HIGH RISK . From the 13th of April all those not considered high risk will then be invited to receive the vaccine.



To all our wonderful patients please be aware, now when you enter our building you will be required to stop behind a barrier while our reception staff ask you three simple questions which are.

  1. Have you been overseas in the last 14days?
  2. Have you been in contact with someone who has been overseas in the last 14days?
  3. Have you got any flu like symptoms today which include, cough, cold, sore throat, shortness of breath and or a fever?

Please don’t be offended by these questions or alarmed, we are taking these measures to protect our community, staff and everyone already inside the waiting room/building. This has been in place as of Monday the 17th of March and we will continue to screen every person that will come through our door. Please note we do have different staff members on the desk, and you may have already been asked these questions on the phone and may be required to answer them again.

If you have answered YES to any of the following our staff will instruct you what to do and may ask you to return to your car as safe practice. Our clinical staff will then call you from your car and advise you what to do from here.

If you are reading this and you have answered YES to any of the following and believe you may have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case or Corona virus please CALL THIS NUMBER FIRST 0800 358 5453. Before calling or approaching our clinic. This number is dedicated for COVID -19 advice from the ministry of health.